Kids! Come out of the sun and in for some fun! Our camps combine music, sound, and science - a great opportunity to make new friends while learning about making music.

Here is our roster of Summer Music Camps, beginning in June through August, 2022.

  • MUSIC FUN JUMPSTART CAMP/KINDERMUSIK – offering the youngest student an opportunity to learn through fun, playful exercises.

  • CAMP ROCK – giving aspiring rock musicians the experience of how to play well with others in the “give and take” of ensemble playing.

  • INSTRUMENTAL DISCOVERY – helping the new, hopeful musician to identify the instrument that best suits their unique talent and dreams.

  • PIANO JUMPSTART – exploring solid, foundational concepts in playing piano.

  • SONGWRITING CAMP – to help song creators to fine-tune the arts of writing lyrics and melodies that best advance a song’s “intention”.

  • AUDIO GEAR – a hands-on, DIY, “how to” in building simple, essential audio components.

Call (910) 886-1357 for more information. Our staff is eager to assist you in realizing your musical dreams while having creative, summer fun with others sharing your love of music!

If you’re interested in applying for our Scholarship program, please click here.