Blues Unknowns - Blues Jam Experience Course

  • For: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Harmonica, and Vocals 

Course Description:

The Blues Unknowns project is for adult (18+) musicians that are proficient at playing their instrument, but are interested in gaining hands-on experience in the art of “jamming” (blues, rock, country).  The course is designed by creator of the nationally recognized BluesEd program for school age students (Joe Bonamassa Keeping The Blues Alive Award).

The course includes:

  • Jam Theory – Playing blues/country/rock progressions in any key. Focusing on various standard blues progression patterns.
  • Blues Styles – Over 24 different styles of core progressions and beats, learning 2 per session – includes “turn-arounds” and “breaks”.
  • Blues Standards – Learn 2-4 blues/country/rock standards per session (with “charts”) in the two styles scheduled for that session.
    Note: We will include Country Blues and Roadhouse Blues as part of the course (Summer, Annual)
  • Learn basic improvisation techniques using Blues/Rock Scales in Tab-style notation for stringed instruments, and music notation for others; Includes Riffs, Hooks, and Scales, and occasionally an entire standard solo.
  • Course covers “jam etiquette” including directing the performance, “offering solo opportunities to player”, and other jam basics. Participants learn how to “call the tune”, define and direct “breaks”, and “count off” the start. We will take turns at leading the jam during each session to provide solid experience. Participants will also learn tips on equipment and sound checking. 
  • Jam FUN!! Don’t forget the FUN you will have playing your axe with others – turned up LOUD! …without even having to participate in an area open jam (if you don’t want to). We will support you when you’re ready to jump on stage at a local jam session.


  • Sessions are 2 hours long starting at 6-8 PM, Sunday Nights (or per schedule TBA) at FSCA.  Doors open at 5 for setup time.

Everyone is invited to join us for the Free Kick-Off Orientation Session on Sept 18 (at FSCA) – doors open at 5. 

Single Sessions: $120 per Session.

Quarterly Semester Sessions Package: 4 Sessions at $105 per 2 hour session:  $420 total (total of 8 hours of experiential training in a studio setting, plus a public performance opportunity).

Full Year, 12 Monthly Sessions: $95/per Session ($1140 per year) – 2 hour sessions (total of 24+ hours of instruction plus public performance jam fun).


  • We will do an occasional Sunday night make-up session as needed (1 per every 3 months as needed for make-ups).
  • Last Session per each quarter will include a “Casino Jam” Exercise.
  • We supply Amps, Drums, Keyboards – or bring your own – we’ll open the doors at 5:00 PM. 
  • Parts of some Sessions will be recorded.
  • Course Support includes “After-Session Visits” to a local area “Jam Sessions” after each Blues Unknowns Session (Your option to join in). 
  • We will organize approx. 4 “performance” opportunities throughout the year. Three of these will be at locations outside the FSCA building and one performance will be in the FSCA Main Studio (recorded) with family and friends invited – Pizza or BBQ party.
  • All paid participants will be automatically enrolled at no additional charge, in the Free Spirit Blues Society – a new organization dedicated to bringing national blues acts to the area for special events, area events,  and FSCA Performance occasions. 

Ages: 18 and up

Experience: Basic competency on your instrument

April 18 Orientation Session and all other sessions held at FCSA, 8840 Old Georgetown Rd SW, Sunset Beach, NC 28468
Free Kick-Off Orientation Session on Sunday April 18, from 6-8 with doors open at 5 PM for setup;

Schedule for Fall Semester (4 Sessions, dates TBA) – most will be held on Sundays from 6-8 PM with make-up dates TBA;
Schedule for Year Round Sessions (Fall Semester Schedule announced at Orientation, plus other quarterly semesters TBA);

Materials: Instrumental Players bring your instrument and any accessories you need to perform

Teacher: Doug Backer, Mike Rogers

You can enroll below and pay online or stop by Free Spirit or call (910)-877-8680 
To schedule your Free Discovery Lesson please fill form out below.1

Blues Unknowns Free Discovery Lesson