Free Spirit Conservatory of the Arts Presents:

DIY Audio Gear Camp:

Make your own Guitar Cable/Guitar Pedal (STEM Integration)

In this workshop, participants will learn how to construct and implement popular pieces of audio gear. Students will build a microphone cable (XLR) and instrument cable or a guitar effects pedal. These will be yours to take home. Through these classes, you will acquire the skill to do this yourself!

Warning: Students will be working with hot Soldering Irons which can, and will, burn if proper safety precautions are not maintained at all times! The Instructor will provide you with proper safety gear and instruction.

Ages: 12+

Experience: No experience required

Tuition: $125: Material Cost:
Pedal Building Kit ($27)
Cable Materials ($20/ Cable)

June 13 Guitar Pedal
June 15 Guitar Cable
July 6 Guitar Pedal
July 8 Guitar Cable
August 8 Guitar Cables
August 10 Guitar Pedals

Materials: Included (Take home product)

Teacher: Logan Strahley

You can enroll below and pay online or stop by Free Spirit or call 910-613-8525.