Logan Strahley, Sound Engineer

Logan Strahley, a Brunswick County native, recently completed a Bachelors of Music with a Concentration in Commercial Music and Audio Production from Western Carolina University. Logan has worked in Western North Carolina as a freelance trumpet player, teacher, media technician, and audio engineer throughout his college career. During his time in the mountains, he completed a plethora of projects as a recording and mix engineer. As a collegiate musician, Logan shared music at notable events such as the Jazz Education Network Conference (JEN) in Reno, NV and Orvieto Musica in Orvieto, Italy. Mr. Strahley also held an appointment at the Eagle Room in Weaverville, NC as an Assistant Engineer.

Logan looks forward to combining his knowledge of musicianship, engineering, and the music industry to offer insightful and exciting educational experiences at Free Spirit Conservatory of the Arts.


Through private, personalized instruction we will learn all the processes necessary from sound capture to finished audio recording. Audio production means more than making records. Podcasts, film dialog, special effects… any sound imaginable can be realized as content. Private production lessons will set you on a path to meet all of your goals plus much, much more. Lessons are tailored to the student’s personal needs and goals. Whether you see yourself as a recording engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer or producer; these lessons are right for you! 

What is audio? Critical listening? Microphones and sound capture? Manipulation of recorded sounds? Facilitating a recording session? Workflow, Mixing and Mastering Applications to the music industry? These are just some of the topics we will explore together.