The Listening Hour

When’s the last time you listened to an entire album or CD?

Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you stopped life, work, the kids, the spouse, the news, the bills, the noise and bustle of life, long enough to sit and listen, really listen, to an entire record or CD from beginning to end?

Welcome to the Listening Hour

Every other Friday, we gather in Studio A at Free Spirit. Bring your yoga mat, sleeping bag, pillow, blankets. Bring your binky, your musical curiosity, an open mind and heart. Bring your ears. Leave your shoes, your crowded mind, your annoyances at the door.

Enter Studio A, and find a quiet place on the floor. Soften your gaze to match the candle light. Lie down and get comfortable and prepare yourself for a musical journey. Maybe it’s the Beatles’ ABBEY ROAD, or Beethoven’s PASTORAL SYMPHONY. Joni Mitchell’s BLUE or Miles Davis’s KIND OF BLUE. Could be you thought you hated musical theatre until you heard SWEENEY TODD, (the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.) Dori Caymmi’s lush concept album, BRASILIAN SERENATA could have you walking among hanging orchids in the Amazon Jungle waiting in your mind.

Every other Friday at 7:00 p.m., we will gather for an auditory journey. Our staff will curate a listening experience that will surprise and delight you. Perhaps even challenge your pre-conceived notions and tastes.

$10 at the door, per person, per evening. We look forward to tickling your ears and appreciating music with you. See / Hear you there.

Studio A