Musical Instrument Lessons


Musical Instrument Lessons

For those students who are perfectly comfortable with a faster pace, the 30 minute lesson can be ideal.

We recommend this format for younger students, and advanced students alike.

For those students who would like to delve a little bit deeper, or enjoy un-rushed sessions where there is plenty of time to work through material, than the full hour might suit

FSCA recommends weekly lessons. Challenging oneself to diligent daily practice in order to be prepared for weekly lessons promotes the greatest growth. Except for extenuating circumstances i.e. vacations, illness, holidays, etc., one should never go longer than two weeks between lessons. Practice, preparation, and purpose, suffer with longer gaps between lessons.


Fill out Enrollment Form – Once we receive application form a teacher or someone from FSCA will contact you about scheduling a lesson.

  • We will endeavor to work with you if unexpected situations arise. Please get in touch with the office to discuss if/when need arises.