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Free Spirit provides individual instruction in a variety of instruments and voice, for students of any age or ability.

Lessons are taught by one of the Music School’s talented and dedicated faculty members

  • Weekly classes are offered Monday through Saturday  subject to teacher availability.
  • Lesson arrangements can be made at any time by calling the Music School at (910) 667-2112. Our Administrative Staff will direct you to the appropriate teacher.
  • Lessons are arranged by the teacher and student directly to suit each other’s schedules. Lessons are paid directly to the school.
  • Teachers may recommend another instrument in the same family of instruments, i.e. Baritone Horn rather than Trumpet, if it is deemed that extenuating physical circumstances, i.e. embouchure, teeth placement, necessitates a wider bore mouthpiece, etc. These decisions are based upon making every effort to assure a student selects an instrument that will optimize their musical satisfaction.
  • If a class needs to be cancelled we require a 24 hour notice otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.


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