Fundamentals of Music Theory

Fundamentals of Music Theory
8 weeks – 90 Minute Class
Option to take classes online via Zoom
Thursdays June 2 -July 21st

  • Course Description:
    An introduction to basic music theory and musical literacy. This eight-week course will cover the basic properties of music and how to read and write music on the grand staff. No prior experience in music is required or expected.

  • Course Length: 8 weeks. 90 Minutes
    $99 for eight classes includes handout materials.  

    Course Content:

    • Notation of Pitch
      – Letter Names and Pitch Class
      – Staffs and Clefs
      – Leger Lines
      – Octave Identification
      – Accidentals and Enharmonics

    • Notation of Duration
      – Meter and Time Signature
      – Notes and Rests
      – Ties and Rhythm Dots
      – Stem Direction
      – Beaming

    • Keys, Scales and Intervals
      – Intervals of Whole and Half Steps
      – Scales and Scale Degrees
      Major Scales
      Minor Scales (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic)
      – Modes and Synthetic Scales

      – Major and Minor Keys
      – Key Signatures
      – Circle of Fifths

    • Musical Terminology and Symbols
      – Dynamic Markings
      – Tempo Markings
      – Expression Markings

      – Musical Symbols

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