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Welcome to Free Spirit Conservatory
of the Arts Music School!

Our Music School community is based on the belief that music plays a significant role in our lives. It is important to us that our faculty, students and their families work together to build the best possible programs and a supportive, inspired musical community. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas, concerns, (and praise!) so we can continue to serve this community in the best possible way!!

How to Register for Classes

1 -Please fill out enrollment form below.
2 - Click RED "Select Options" button to choose your class length and number of sessions
3 - Review the FSCA recommended Guidelines below.

Enrollment Form

Fill out Enrollment FormOnce we receive application form a teacher or someone from FSCA will contact you about scheduling a lesson.

FSCA recommends weekly lessons. Challenging oneself to diligent daily practice in order to be prepared for weekly lessons promotes the greatest growth. Except for extenuating circumstances i.e. vacations, illness, holidays, etc., one should never go longer than two weeks between lessons. Practice, preparation, and purpose, suffer with longer gaps between lessons.

A one-time Registration fee of $15 is required for setting up a student account.

  • 60 minute lessons (recommended for allowing ample unrushed instruction time, unless suggested otherwise by your teacher) is $62.50 if paying by credit card / $60 if paying by cash or check.
  • 30 minute classes are available for $35 ($36.50 if paying by credit card).
  • Purchasing of pre-paid ten lesson “class cards” are available at $500 for one-hour lessons and $300 for half an hour lessons.
  • We will endeavor to work with you if unexpected situations arise. Please get in touch with the office to discuss if/when need arises.
  • Teachers are under no obligation to teach lessons for which you have not paid. Nonpayment may result in suspension of lessons until accounts are brought up to date.
If a teacher must cancel a lesson, it is the teacher’s responsibility to reschedule and makeup that lesson at a mutually convenient time for both student and teacher. In the event a missed lesson cannot be made up, the fee for that lesson will be refunded or paid forward at the student’s preference. If a student must cancel a lesson:
  • Contact your teacher directly at least 24 hours before the lesson time or call FSCA at (910) 575-5673. Do your best to speak directly to a person rather than simply leaving a message.
  • Faculty is under no obligation to offer a makeup for more than one student- missed lesson under any circumstances.
  • You are financially responsible for 100% of the lessons for which you are registered.
  • In order to start on time, please come at least 15 minutes prior to your lesson.
  • If possible, a piano room will be made available for the student to warm-up before their lesson.
  • Please care for your, and our, instruments. Make sure your hands are clean and instruments are treated with respect.
  • If you need to miss a lesson please let your teacher know at least 24 hours in advance. You are still responsible for paying for the missed lesson.
  • To facilitate the highest quality learning experience for all parents and students, cooperative and appropriate behavior is necessary at all times.
  • FSCA seeks to create a welcoming and nurturing environment and has zero tolerance for those whose actions may jeopardize the safety, health or innocence of any person involved in our programs. All participants are responsible for treating fellow students, faculty and staff with respect. Anyone observing behavior to the contrary should report it to the Administrative Office immediately.
  • Students may wait to be picked up in the front lobby after their lesson.
  • Parents: if you have a very young child coming for a lesson, we encourage you to

wait for them in our canteen area rather than leaving them unattended. If you think you may be delayed in picking your child up, please call the Administrative Office to alert a staff member. Be sure the office knows if your child has your permission to come and go on their own.