• FSCA is seeking professional, qualified instructors to teach the following;
    • PIANO
    • GUITAR – Electric and Acoustic
    • VOICE
    • STRINGS – violin, double-bass, viola, cello, etc.
    • BRASS – trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, tuba, euphonium, French horn, baritone horn, etc.
    • WOODWINDS – clarinet, all saxophones, flute, also double reed instruments, i.e. oboe, bassoon, etc.
    • DRUMS / PERCUSSION – Traditional kit, as well as mallet instruments i.e. vibes, marimba. Orchestral percussion, i.e. tympani, snare, bass drum, triangle, cymbals, etc. Latin and Afro-Caribbean percussion i.e. congas, timbales, bongos, hand- held instruments, etc.
    FSCA seeks high-quality experienced instructors to begin teaching early in the New Year, 2022, at the Conservatory located at 8840 Old Georgetown Rd., Sunset Beach, NC. To be considered, a music degree is desirable, but not necessary. Lesson scheduling will be done by the teacher to suit their schedule. Teachers should be comfortable and proficient in teaching all levels, from beginner through advanced, in all styles. In consideration of FSCA’s eventual goal of college accreditation, FSCA seeks qualified teachers able to provide students a solid, foundational technique based in traditional musicianship values. FSCA provides strong musical training to all students, whether on a professional or amateur path. Please email resumé and contact info to Alki Steriopoulos at alkisteriopoulos@gmail.com