Advice from legendary piano player Chick Corea

What you think is so
Develop that

 Develop the ability to know:
What you think is so

 The Beauty you see is
The Beauty you create

 The World of Artists:
Each one makes his melodies
his own way
Each one creates the beauty
he sees

 With your own genuine interest
Receive their beauties
You like what you like
You don’t what you don’t
Only you know

It’s your artistic freedom
To what you like
And do it your way
This is your native freedom

See what he does
Observe the rules he makes
Try them if you like
Draw what you want
Leave the rest

Do this with as many others as you care
Do this enough times and then
try this:

Make up some rules
Or don’t even bother
Try your techniques out of what you’ve drawn
Do it as you
And then – you easily own it

Keep what you like
Change what you want
Create your own rules
Have a question?
Get it answered
to your satisfaction

Seek out the ones who create
and are willing to share knowledge
Beware of the “authorities” who don’t
themselves create

Discipline your body
Discipline your instrument
But only toward your own
dreams and goals

Run the body and make it obey
Practice with an even flow
Control with easy intention

Discover the beauty of slowness
It’s the beauty you intend

Practice your imagination
Put your illusions through your
body and instrument

Sing to yourself without your body’s
This is what is meant by
“hear it”

Play what you “hear”

Practice with an even flow

Control with easy intention

Gather the techniques that
serve your dreams
Create techniques to
serve your dreams